The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Adding Payments

Here we will discuss how to manually go in through the ClassReach Admin panel and add payments to a customer’s account. You can do this with Cash, Check, Credit and Other Payment forms.

  • Sign in your Admin ClassReach account
  • Navigate to the Financials tab
  • Navigate to the Customers tab within the window
  • Select the Customer’s name you would like to add a payment for.
  • Click the Add Payment button under Balance Due
  • What is the payment amount?
    • Past Due: This will be the amount that was marked due before today
    • Amount Due: This will be the amount that was marked past due before today plus the amount currently due.
    • Total Balance: This will be the total amount the customer owes to your school, including future payments.
    • Other Amount: Here you can input a custom amount paid by the Customer.
  • Payment Type:
    • Cash: The customer paid in cash
    • Check: You can input the Check Number, Date, and then keep track of it as it was Received and if it Cleared or Failed.
    • Electronic Payment: If they paid via Paypal or another source
    • Misc. Credit: Another form of credit
    • Other: Some other way of payment
  • Memo: Here you can mark receipt numbers or any other details you would like to keep track of
  • Click the Save button

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