The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Adding Transferred Courses

As an Admin, you may have the ability of adding transferred courses to a student’s record. This is a permissions based task, if you do not see some of the options or buttons described in this document then you may not have the proper permissions to complete this task. If you feel you should have the permissions to complete this task then you may need to contact an admin for your school. Adding Transferred Courses to a student’s record is a great way to show the different courses that the student may have taken at another school.

  • Sign in to your ClassReach Admin account
  • Navigate to the People tab
  • Locate the student you would like to add Transfer Courses for
  • View the student’s profile by selecting their name from the list
  • Click their Transfer tab within their profile
  • Click the Edit button
  • Fill out the relevant fields:
    • Name: This is the name of the course and how you’d like it to appear on reports
    • Grade: This will be the numerical grade you’d like to assign to the course
    • Credits: These will be the number of credits you consider earned for this course
    • School: Here you can input the name of the school or program in which they took the course
    • Transcript: Check this box if you would like the course to show on the student’s transcript
    • Affects GPA: Check this box if you would like the course to affect the student’s GPA
    • Letter: Here you can input a letter grade for the course
    • Custom GPA: If this course affects the GPA in a different way than your school’s GPA settings dictate, you can input it here
    • Custom Mark: If you would like to show a custom mark for this grade (set in school’s transcript settings) you can select that here
    • Add Course: Here is where you can add a new course

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