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Basics of Using Reports

This document will discuss some of the basics of using reports. Read through this and you will have no problem finding, editing, running, or deleting reports.

How to Find a Previously Created Report

When using reports that were previously created and saved are accessible anytime from your Reports screen. The only reports available to you are reports that you made yourself. Other Admins do not have access to your reports and you do not have access to theirs.

There is a Search box at the top left of the Reports screen. This will search through your reports to help you locate a previously created report. This searches through the Report Names.

The rest of the left side panel below the search box can be used to Filter your reports. Selecting one of the options from here will show you all reports of the selected Report Type.

How to Edit a Previously Created Report

Once you have found the report you are looking for, you can click the Edit button to open the report editor, which should look very similar to the screen you saw when creating the report. You can change all the information and options that were previously set or none at all. Simply click Next through the windows until you get to the option you would like to edit.

When you have finished editing your report, you can take 3 different actions.

  • Overwrite Existing Report – This will save your report and overwrite the previous report. This will remove the previous version of your report and replace it with the currently edited version. This is a good option to pick when you’re making a permanent change to a report.
  • Make a Copy – This will save your report as a new report. This will have no impact on the report that was initially opened to edit. This is great to use when you need a lot of similar reports, like one for each grade. Just open the original, change the Academic Level, save a copy, rinse and repeat.
  • Run Without Saving Changes – This will not save your report or any of the alterations made to it. This is good when you want to test out a slight alteration to a report, but need the original report in the future more than the test report.

Run a Previously Created Report

Clicking the Run button next to a report will produce a new report with up to the minute data. If you want to check attendance every afternoon, you only have to make a report for attendance one time. Then simply run that report each afternoon to get fresh data. There is no need to rebuild a report each time you need it.

Delete a Previously Created Report

Clicking the small red Trash Can button next to a report will remove it from your reports. This is good to do when you are done using a report forever and will help keep your reports list neat and clean.

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