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Change Notification Settings

If you feel like your are receiving to many notifications to your email, or maybe not enough, then you can change your notification settings. There are a couple different ways to adjust your notification settings to ensure you stay properly up to date.

  • Sign in to your ClassReach account.
  • Click on the Profile Image at the top right of the screen.
  • Select View Profile from the dropdown.
  • Click the Settings tab in the window.
  • Fill out relevant fields:
    • How would you like to receive notification emails?: If you would like a new email for each notification then choose individually. If you would like one email with a summary of all the notifications, choose summary.
    • Daily Notification Emails: Use the drop down to select time(s) you would like to receive summary emails.
    • Would you like to receive a separate notification email every time you receive a message in ClassReach?: If you would like to receive separate individual, immediate emails for messages received in ClassReach then select Yes. If you would like your message notifications with all your other notifications in your summary emails select then No.
  • Click save once all fields are complete.

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