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Copying Grading Units

In this document we are discussing the process of copying Grading Units. Grading Unit Groups need to be copied first and then you can copy the Grading Units. These steps ensure that the transition from one Academic Term to another is a smooth and as easy as possible.

  • Sign in to your Admin ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab at the top of you screen.
  • Locate and then Click Data Copier in the School Settings window.
  • Click the Get Started button.
  • Select Grading Units from the drop down under Make Your Selection.
  • Click the Next Step button.
  • Locate and then Select the Grading Unit Groups you would like to copy from and copy to.
  • Click the Next Step button.
  • Select the Grading Units you would like to copy.
  • Click the Next Step button.
  • Verify all information for each Grading Unit is correct, make edits to any needed fields.
  • Click the Save Items button.

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