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Courses Overview

The courses tab stores all of the courses and their sections for your school. As an Admin, you can use this tab to keep track of, add, edit, or archive a course. Within this section we will discuss how to create and edit a course and it’s different settings, then we will also discuss creating and editing Sections within the Course, as well as archiving and reactivating courses.

Course vs. Section

A course can be looked at as the “Subject” that is provided by a school. Meanwhile, a section is better looked at as the specific class taking that subject. For example: A school offers an 8:00am Algebra II class taught by Mrs. Johnson and then an 11:30am Algebra II class taught by Mr. Richards. The way this would be in the system would be: an Algebra II Course then would hold two Sections, one for Mrs. Johnson’s class and one for Mr. Richard’s class.

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Creating/Editing Course

Course Settings Overview

Creating/Editing Sections