The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Create Your First Report

This document will walk you through creating your first report. If you are looking for something more advanced, then you can try out the How to Filter Like a Pro document.


  • Log in to ClassReach as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to the Reports tab.
  • Click on the green + Report button to open the New Report menu. If you want a description of the report types, you can see them at Custom Report Types and Default Report Types.
  • For this Example, choose the Default Grades Below ( _ ) report and click Next.
  • The next screen has your customization options. Go ahead and click Next to move on.
  • Here you can select the format for your report. For now, select Printable Web Page.
  • This last screen provides a simple report preview. Enter a Report Name, select the Save and Run option and then click the Save and Run button.

Important Note: When you are running reports they will open in a new window or tab. Most ad-blocking software will prevent your report from opening. You can allow popups for the site and click the Run button again to get your report. Most browsers allow you to save the choice to not block popups, which mean you should only have to do this the first time.

You should now be viewing a printable web page that has a list of Students with their Academic Level, Section, Teacher and Grade. If any are below the defined grade below line, they will be highlighted.