The ClassReach Documentation for teachers

Creating a Calendar Event

You can create a calendar event as a Teacher for the Sections you are assigned to. You can designate the event to a single Section, multiple Sections, or just to your own calendar. This documentation will discuss how to set up the different options of this.

  • Sign in to your Teacher ClassReach account.
  • Select the Calendar button from the left side bar.
  • This will display the current month’s calendar.
  • Click the +New Event button at the top right of the window.
  • Fill in the relevant fields:
    • Event Title: This will be the title and how it appears on the calendar.
    • All Day: This will determine if it is an all day event or an event with a start and end time.
    • Start/ End Time: This is to set times for the event.
    • Section: If this is an event you would like to show up on the calendars of the students and guardians of a section, set it here. Otherwise, the event will only show on your calendar.
    • Where: Here you can set a location.
    • Description: Here is a good place to add details or reminders.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are complete.

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