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Creating/Editing Attendance Markings

As an Admin you may be able to create Attendance Markings for your school. This is a permissions based task, if you do not see options and/or buttons mentioned in this documentation then you may need to contact an administrator for you account to ensure proper permissions are given. Teacher’s are unable to create Attendance Markings, an admin must create any attendance marking that may be needed for the school.

  • Sign in to your Admin ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab at the top of your screen.
  • Click Attendance Markings in the Classroom Settings window.

To Create a new Attendance Marking

  • Click +Attendance Marking to add a new marking.
  • Fill in the relevant fields:
    • Value: This will be the name of the marking.
    • Color: This will be the color code for the marking.
    • Code: This will be the letter short code for entering it into the attendance record. For example: a Present marking code may be P.
    • Select the following items that apply (When selected the item will turn blue with white lettering):
      • Default Marking: This will be the default marking. Only one marking can be the default, many schools make Present their default marking.
      • Show in Totals: This will make the marking appear in progress reports. Leave this blank if you want a special type of marking that does not show on reports.
      • Notify When Marked: This will send a notification to the guardians of the student each time they receive this marking.
      • Group by Date Received: This will combine all markings for a single date into 1. This is generally how absences work. You are absent 1 time for the entire day, as opposed to absent 6 times for the day, once for each class.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are complete.

To Edit a current Attendance marking

  • Click a Marking to expand it and click Edit to edit a current marking.
  • Edit the relevant fields.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are complete.

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