The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Creating/Editing Gradebook Settings

As an Admin you may be able to create and then edit Gradebook Settings for your school’s ClassReach account. This is a permissions based task, if you do not see some of the options and/or buttons mentioned within this document, then you may need to contact an administrator for your school’s account to ensure you have the proper permissions granted. You can have multiple Gradebook Setting for your school, for example Elementary, Middle and High School Settings. You will be able to assign these Gradebook Settings at a Section level, you can also set the section to Customizable Gradebook, so the teacher and set these settings.

  • Sign in to your Admin ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab at the top of your screen.
  • Click Gradebook Settings in the Classroom Settings window.

To Add a New Gradebook Setting

  • Click +Gradebook Settings to add a new Gradebook Setting. Many schools have different gradebook settings for high school, middle school, and elementary school. If your gradebook settings will be the same across the school you will only need to set up one.
  • Fill out the relevant fields.
    • Name: This will be the title of the Gradebook Setting. For example: High School.
    • Rounding Decimals: This will be the number of decimal places the gradebook rounds to. For example: if your school rounds a 91.76 to a 91.8 then you would input 1 for this field.
    • Hide Numeric Averages: If you would like to hide overall averages for the student you would select Yes for this. The letter grade would still show. For example: Instead of showing a 98% it may just show an A (Depending on your school’s grade scale).
    • Hide Points Possible: If you would like to hide the total points possible, select Yes. The student would only see the grade they received. For example: Instead of seeing 98 out of 100 points total, it would only show 98 points.
    • Hide Grade Distribution Graphs From Parents and Students: These graphs would show how the entire class performed. If you would these to not be shown select Yes.
  • Click Save.

To Edit a Gradebook Setting

  • Click on the name of the Gradebook Settings
  • Click the Edit button in the General window to edit the setting.
  • Edit the relevant fields.
  • Click Save.

Grading Category

These organize the various grades for a class. Each category has a weight, which represents how much it contributes to the final grade.

  • Click +Category to add a new category.
  • -or-
  • Click the Edit icon to edit a category.
  • Fill in the relevant fields:
    • Name: This will be the name of the category as it appears in the gradebook. For example: Tests.
    • Weight: This number will be the percentage of weight this category will account for. For example: If Tests account for half of the total grade this field would be 50.
    • Drop Lowest Grade?: Some schools drop the lowest grade in certain categories, if you would like to do this, select Yes.
    • Default Points Possible: If this category has a generic possible points total for all inputs, entering it here could speed up the grade entering process. For example, if all the tests given are going to be worth 200 points, enter 200 in this field, then later on the teacher needs to only enter the points earned by the student and ClassReach will calculate the rest.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are complete.
  • Repeat this process until all Categories are accounted for.

Important Note: The total weight for all categories must add up to 100, if not a warning will display on the page.

Grading Scale

These define the letter grade a student will receive based on their overall average.

  • Click +Scale Entry to add a new Scale.
  • -or-
  • Click the Edit icon to edit a Scale.
  • Fill in the relevant fields:
    • Grade Letter: This will define the letter grade received based on the average.
    • Minimum average to receive this letter: This will be the minimum average to receive the input letter grade. For example: If a student with an average grade between 80 and 90 will receive a B, this field should be 80. ClassReach will automatically calculate the maximum based on all Scale Entries.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are complete.
  • Repeat this process until all grading scales are complete.

Grade Mapping

These allow you to enter custom markings for student’s grades instead of normal numbers.

  • Click +Mapping to add a new grade mapping.
  • -or-
  • Click the Edit icon to edit a grade mapping.
  • Fill in the relevant fields:
    • Mark: This would be whatever mark you would like to enter for a certain grade.
    • Decimal Value: This would be equivalent to the percentage the mark would be worth. For example: Some schools work on a 5 point grading scale of 1-5. If a student receives 5 points on an assignment it is 5/5 which the teacher my input as E (Excellent), 4/5 may be S (Satisfactory), 3/5 may be U (Unsatisfactory) etc. The Decimal values for these could be: for E is 100, S is 80, U is 60, etc. During the year the teacher can input the Grade Markings and ClassReach will interpret the marks into corresponding percentage values.
  • Click the Save once all relevant fields are complete.