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Custom Report Types

Custom Reports offer a lot of flexibility and control of the information being displayed. If there is some type of data you want to look at, then a Custom Report can get you there. Below are the standard custom report types, and a bit of general information about each.

  • Users: These reports are used to gather information about users. You can make a contact list of Guardians in the school (with their name, email, and phone numbers) and then a full list of students in 9th grade.
  • Families: This is used to get information on the Family units. You can use this to make a family directory, listing last names and phone numbers, or a list of Family names in the school.
  • Form Responses: This is used to get information from Forms. If you’ve made a form and want to see the responses formatted in a table then this is the report to use.
  • Calendar Events: This can be used to gather information from the Calendar. Want an agenda style view for next month? Then you could use this type of report to accomplish that.
  • Sections: This report can be used to gather information about the Sections in your system. This could be used to distribute a list of courses & sections that are going to be offered in the upcoming school year.
  • Grade Averages: This report will get information about student grade averages. You can get a quick idea of how students are doing in their classes with this report
  • Attendance Markings: This report will gather information about the attendance markings that have been given out. Your teachers enter in the grades, then could use this to show a detailed attendance record for a student(s).

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