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Default Report Types

Default reports offer a lot of data without any hassle. The default reports come with options set up to let you hit the ground running and just get the information you want to find. Below are the standard default report types, and then a bit of general information about each.

  • Attendance: If you would like to view a list of students who have been absent/tardy/etc, then this report type may give you the needed information.
  • Class Rank: To view rankings of students by grade averages within an Academic Level then this report type may help.
  • Cumulative Grade Reports: You can use this report type to view cumulative grades for a specified range of Academic Terms.
  • Grades Below (___): This report type will allow you to view all student averages below a specified value.
  • Progress Reports: If you need to view student progress reports for an Academic Term then this report type will give great, clean looking reports
  • Schedules: This report type will provide student schedules for an Academic Term.
  • Section Enrollment: View enrollment statistics for all sections at once.
  • Transcripts: To view a full record of high school classes taken and credit earned for a student(s), then you will want to use this report type.

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