The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Getting Started with ClassReach

Getting started with ClassReach’s full school management system is easy. Our team just needs a few pieces of basic information about your school and then we will create your account on the server. Here we will include descriptions and reasons as to why we need each piece of information, and then a template for you to send off to our support team to get the ball rolling.

  • School Name: This will be how your school name appears within your account. You can edit this at any time after your account has been created.
  • School Website: We will use this to create your custom ClassReach url. Generally, we use the school website address followed by “”. Ex. if your school website is then your ClassReach web address will be If you would like a different address, feel free to request it when submitting your account request. After your account is created, this can only be changed with the help of our Support team.
  • Preferred Time Zone: This will determine the time zone that your school uses to display formatted dates and times to your users. If your school servers multiple time zones, it is generally best to use the time zone of your headquarters or main place of business. After your account is created, this can only be changed with the help of our Support team.
  • Academic Levels: These are the grade levels of your students and are typically referred to by using labels such as “1st Grade” or “10th Grade”. You will have the ability to freely add, remove, and alter these labels at your leisure once your account has been created.
  • Family and Guardian Roles Enabled: If you would like the ability to track family units or for students to have parents/guardians with access to ClassReach (generally schools serving minors with k-12 academic levels) you will need Families and Guardians enabled. Educational institutes that focus on adult education will typically not need this enabled. This cannot be changed once your account has been created. If in doubt, please let support know you need more information about these features.
  • Financial Suite Enabled: The ClassReach Financial Suite has a set of features that will enable you to perform financial actions directly in ClassReach. You can create invoices, establish payment plans, take a variety of payment methods, manage financial reporting and other convenient actions when enabled. This does not impact the cost of ClassReach for your organization. You can read more about the ClassReach Financial Suite here.
  • Contact information for a “Super Admin”: This will be your accounts designated point of contact in case of emergency and the initial administrator we create for your system. This user will start out with full permissions and will be looked to for any decisions/approvals we need regarding your school’s account. This user will have the ability to create other Super Admins on your account.

Once you are ready to get started with ClassReach, please click here to create an email. Or send the information from the template below to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you!

After we have received your information and created your account you will then receive two emails.

  • One from a support member: this will include some helpful links and any needed information about your account
  • One from your school’s account: this will include a link to set your credentials and access your account.

Template for Getting Started:

I would like to get started with my account on ClassReach. Below are the school defaults I would like set.

  • School Name:
  • School Website:
  • Preferred Time Zone:
  • What academic levels does your school cover?:
  • Would you like Family and Guardian roles enabled: 
  • Would you like the Financial Suite enabled:
  • Contact information for a “Super Admin”:
    • Name: 
    • Phone:
    • Email: