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Inputting Handouts

As a teacher you have the ability of inputting handouts for the students and guardians within your sections. Handouts are a great way to provide information, answer keys, project requirements, etc. You can set handout to be just for guardians or for both students and guardians, however you cannot set handouts to be just for students. If you are creating an assignment or project that will need a submision, then it may be best to create an Assignment/Homework.

  • Sign in to your Teacher ClassReach account.
  • From the left sidebar, select the Section you would like to view the handouts for.
  • Select Handouts from the top of the window.
  • This will display the handouts for the section.
  • Click the +Create Handout button at the top right of the window.
  • Fill out the relevant fields:
    • Name: This will be the title and how it appears for students and guardians.
    • Description: Some details about the handout.
    • Add Files: Use this to upload a file for the handout.
    • Start Date: This would be when the Handout is to be visible.
    • Visible to Guardians Only: This is for handouts you do not want to be available to the students.
  • Once all fields are complete, click Save.

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