The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Login Page Settings

As an Admin, you may have the ability to set the Login Page Settings for your school. Here you will be able to customize the page that your users see when they go to login to your school’s ClassReach account. This is a permissions based task. So, if you do not see some of the options mentioned then you may need to contact an admin for your school. Have them check your account and then verify you have the correct permissions.

Setting your Login Page Settings

  • Log into your ClassReach Admin account
  • Navigate to the Settings tab
  • Select Login Page Settings within the School Settings window
  • Click the Edit button at the top right of the window
  • Image Customization:
    • Here you can add a School Promo Image for the login page. The ideal image size is 400px by 800px.
  • Customization Options:
    • Background Color: Here you can choose whatever background color you’d like around the login window.
    • Login Page Text: This will be text that displays just above the credentials area.
    • Show Apply Text?: Here you can determine if a link to your school’s application appears on the Login Page.
    • Apply Text: This would be the text that shows with a link to your application.

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