The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Persons Overview

This tab contains all the users in your school and includes a section for users who have been archived. Here an admin can create, edit, view information on, and archive a user. This is also where an admin can go to set permissions and send Welcome Emails.

The filter bar on the left is an important tool to help you locate a specific user. For example, Applicants and Archived users will ONLY show in the list, if those filters are selected.

Options for Users

  • Name: An admin can edit the full name of any user.
  • Username: Usernames can be used to sign-in instead of an email address.
  • Email: This can be used as a username for sign-in purposes. This will be the email the system sends notifications, password resets, etc.
  • Roles: Roles determine the permissions of a user. Admins have many more capabilities on the ClassReach system than Teachers, Guardians, or Students. Users can also be assigned multiple roles.

Important Note: A user is allowed to have a username and no email assigned to their account. So, this is ideal for students who do not have a separate email address from their parents.

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