The ClassReach Documentation for guardians

Posting to a Discussion

You may have the ability of posting to a discussion within your sections. Discussions are a great way to allow for the passing back and forth of information as well as show further understanding of a topic.

Steps for Posting to a Discussion:

  • Navigate to the Section¬†with the discussion you would like to post to.
  • Click the Discussions tab
  • Select the Discussion Topic you would like to post to.
  • Enter your post into the text box at the bottom of the discussion thread.
  • Click the Add Post button.


  • Pinned Discussions: Topics with the little pink book mark icon, are pinned. This means they will stay at the top of your discussion topics list.
  • Hidden Posts: If you see a post to a topic with the message “The contents of this post have been hidden”, then it was removed by the teacher or an admin.
  • Locked Posts: If you do not see the text field at the bottom of a discussion topic thread, then the topic my be locked. If you believe you should be able to post, please contact the teacher of the section.
  • Rich Text Editor: The rich text editor allows you to bold, color, link, and format your text!
  • Bolded Text: Unseen topics and posts will be bolded to help draw your attention to them.