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Documents Overview


The School Documents feature allows you to upload documents of a variety of file types that you would like to make available to users. The settings on who each document is visible to can be set as well as how long the school document is available for. This is a great place to keep a Student Code of Conduct, Mission Statement, Dress Code, etc.


  • Name: The title of the document that will display to users.
  • Description: This can be a short description of the document for people to read before downloading.
  • Start Date: The date and time you would like the document to become available.
  • End Date: The date and time you would like the document to automatically become unavailable.
  • Select a File to Upload: Use this button to upload the document.
  • Who is this document visible to?: Use this to designate which user types can view this document.
  • Notify users when this document is posted: Check this box if you would like all users in the user types you have designated to get an alert about the posting of this document.

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