The ClassReach Documentation for guardians

Sending Messages

You may have the ability of sending messages within ClassReach. This is a great and easy way to stay in contact with teachers, admins, and other users within your school’s account. If you receive a message and it forwards to your email, then you can also reply straight from your email. It is important to note that the ClassReach messenger only works for users within ClassReach, if you need to message someone outside of your school’s account, then you will need to do so from a different medium.

  • Sign in to your ClassReach account.
  • Click the Messages from the left hand side bar.
  • Then click the Compose button in the left hand side bar.
  • Fill out all relevant fields and then compose your message.
  • You can then use the different tools in the text editor to customize your text, attach files, add links, etc.
  • Then once complete, click Send.

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