The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Setting Up Your School

Once your ClassReach account has been created, it is time for setting up your school! We know switching your school over while trying to learn a new system can be a daunting task. That’s why we have created a list of steps to help guide you through this process. These can be done in any order that you choose. Some steps only need to be done if it will be relevant to your school’s operation. Below is our recommended route to take to help get your school up and running on ClassReach. As always, if you are unsure of anything, please reach out to our support team by entering a ticket here: ClassReach Support

Before Getting Started:

  • If you will need other users to assist you with the setup process, you will need to create their account and set their user permissions to Super Admin level. To do this: follow the steps for Creating a Person, once created you will be able to view their profile and then use the Edit Permissions button to assign them Super Admin permissions.
  • Just about everything below can be edited and changed at any time. For example, if you aren’t sure what conduct items your school is tracking, feel free to skip it for now.

Steps for Setting Up Your School

School Basics

  • Set your School Information: This may seem like an easy step to skip, however, your school information will appear on your forms, reports, and throughout your account. It is also our go-to source if we need to reach out to you for any reason.
  • Set your Login Page Settings: This will be the page that all of your users go to each time they need to log into their accounts. Users will also be able to apply directly from this page so it’s a good idea to ensure that this page represents your school well.
  • Input Billing Information: This will be how you keep your ClassReach account payments current, you can see estimated bills, past charges and current payment methods right from this screen.
  • Ensure your Academic Levels are correct: Promotion from level to level occurs automatically within ClassReach, so it is important that all of your levels are not only entered but are also in the correct order.
  • Integrate your Financial Suite with Stripe: This will prepare and connect your school to Stripe so you can accept payments right from the interface within ClassReach.

People Basics

  • Set up your People Forms: Follow the linked steps to set up fields and forms for all your user’s information to be stored, their profiles, as well as your school’s application.  Not to worry, we’ve designed everything in ClassReach to be as user-friendly as possible! One important tip to remember is that everyone in your system is a user. Don’t worry about fields for Mother’s Name, Father’s Name, etc. Once everyone is input into their families, all that information is tied together. No more doubling up on data collection! If you are importing data, make sure the field names on your CSV are the same as in your forms. This will help ensure a smooth transition.
  • Create your People: If you are not importing, this can feel like a daunting task, however, ClassReach has worked to make this as smooth a task as possible.
  • Tips:
    • Don’t Create Multiple Users for Anyone: Single users can hold multiple roles. So, the administrator that teaches and has two students of her own only needs one account. Just add all the appropriate roles.
    • Individuals then Families: Most find it easier to add all the individuals first, then go in and create the Families. This allows you to designate all family members quickly.
    • Share the Load: The easiest and quickest way to transfer everyone over is to have your families fill out your Application. Or you can also just create their basic users, then create a form for all the additional information.

Course Basics

  • Set your Departments: This is a nice quick task that will help keep your school organized!
  • Set your Classrooms: Another quick task that will just add some additional convenience for you and your families.
  • Create your Course Options: When creating your courses, you’ll be able to pull from here to designate them Core, Elective, AP, Honors, etc.
  • Create your Courses: Again, for larger schools that are not importing, this may feel a bit overwhelming. Keep in mind, the courses are designed so that once they are set up, each term is easy-peasy to manage!
  • Tips:
    • Courses aren’t Classes: Think of courses more like the subject: Algebra I, English Lit, Geography, etc. They provide basic options like number of credits, transcript settings, intended Academic Levels, Department Information and more.
    • Sections are Classes: Sections are the individual units of a Course. Generally this would be called a “Class” with a designated meeting time, classroom, meeting days, teacher and students. These will be separated by their associated Academic Term (ex: Fall 2019 or 2019-2020 School Year) once created.
  • Set your Attendance Markings: ClassReach will default with a couple basic attendance markings, but feel free to add any and all markings your school would like to track.
  • Create your Conduct Items: Conduct items are a great way to help show how a student is doing in all facets. Character, workmanship, etc. However, your school would like to track that is up to you!
  • Set your Transcript Settings: Transcripts can be customized to make them more tailored to your schools specific grade reporting structures. If you know of something your school prefers you can go ahead and set them. However, keep in mind that these can be adjusted at a later date!