The ClassReach Documentation for admins

Setting Up Your User

Setting up your user is always an important step in having an account. The settings within your account will decide how often you get notification emails as well as help your school stay up to date on all your information. Keeping updated information will help your school better stay in contact with you, and keep reporting as accurate as possible.

  • To get an account for your school’s ClassReach system, they should send you a Welcome Email. If you have not received this, please contact your school’s admin. If your admin set you up with the credentials manually, you will need to go to their ClassReach url to sign in. Each ClassReach url is different for each school, please contact the admin for your school to find your school’s url.
  • Once you do receive the email, you will need to click on the provided link and then follow the instructions to set a password and username for your account.
  • After you have successfully logged in it would be good to ensure everything is correct and accurate within your account. Follow along with the listed documentation articles to check:
  • Articles to follow while setting up your user: