The ClassReach Documentation for admins

View Inbox for Other Users

As an Admin, you may have the ability to View Inbox for other users within your school’s account. This is a permissions based task, if you do not see some of the options and/or buttons within this document then you may not have the proper permissions to complete this task. If this is something you feel you should be able to do, then you may need to contact an admin for your school to adjust your permissions. Within ClassReach, not only are parents copied on all messages to students, but certain admins can also go in and view the full inbox for other users within the school.

  • Sign in to your ClassReach Admin account
  • Navigate to the People tab
  • Locate the user who’s inbox you would like to view
  • View that user’s profile by selecting their name from the list
  • Click the Action dropdown at the top right of their profile
  • Select View Inbox from the list
  • This will then load the user’s inbox

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