The ClassReach Documentation for teachers

Viewing Messages

As a teacher, you have the ability of viewing messages within your ClassReach account. Viewing messages is an important way to keep up to date with information from other users within your school’s account. You also have the ability to archive and sort messages within your inbox. If you do not see a message you did before, then you may need to check your labels.

  • Sign in to your Teacher ClassReach account.
  • Click the Messages from the left hand sidebar.
    • You will load in your Inbox: this is where you can view your received messages.
    • To view messages you have sent, select the Sent folder in the left column.
    • View your saved drafts, select the Draft folder in the left column.
    • To view messages you have archived, select the Archive folder in the left column.
    • Any labels you have created will also appear in the left column and can be select to view messages with that assigned label.
  • Once you locate the message you would like to view, select the message to view.

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