The ClassReach Documentation for guardians

Viewing Student’s Agenda

As a guardian, you have the ability of viewing student’s agenda within your ClassReach account. This is a great way to be up to date with what is being asked out of your student(s) as well as what they are work on in class. If you are a guardian of multiple students then you have the ability to view all of your students’ agendas at once.

  • Sign in to your Guardian ClassReach account.
  • Click Agenda from the far left column. This will load the current week’s agenda.
  • Use the Previous Week and the Next Week buttons to view past and upcoming agendas.
  • If you have multiple students assigned to you then you can use the drop down at the top right of the window to sort by student or to view all.
  • Below the weekly summary blocks, you can then find any assignment sheets that have been uploaded as a file.

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