I am an admin and I receive tons on email notifications every day. Is there a way to lessen this?

Yes. You can change the notification setting on your account:

  • Sign in to your ClassReach account.
  • Click on the Profile Image at the top right of the screen.
  • Select View Profile from the dropdown.
  • Click the Settings tab in the window.
  • Fill out relevant fields:
    • How would you like to receive notification emails?: If you would like a new email for each notification, choose individually. If you would like one email with a summary of all the notifications, choose summary.
    • Send summary emails: Choose the unit of time you would like to set the frequency of your summary emails sent. (Only for summary emails)
    • Every: The number of units chosen above.
    • Email me every time I receive a message in ClassReach: Check this box if you would like to receive an email when messaged (outside of what was set up above)
  • Click Save once all fields are complete


I have some papers typed up that we send to all our families. Is there a way to load these on to ClassReach or do i have to type them over again into the Documents?

You can upload them. ClassReach is compatible with most word processing systems. (Microsoft Word/ Excel, Google Docs/ Sheets, etc). This would be added in the Select a file to upload option, in the instructions below:

  • Click the +Document button to add a new document.
  • Fill out the relevant fields:
    • Name*: This will be the title of the document.
    • Description: This can be a short description of the document for people to read before downloading.
    • Start Date*: This is the date and time you would like the document to become available.
    • End Date: This is the date and time you would like the document to automatically become unavailable.
    • Select a File to Upload: Use this button to upload the document.
    • Who is this document visible to?: Use this to designate which groups can view this document.
    • Notify users when this document is posted: Check this box if you would like all users in the groups you designated to get an alert about the posting of this document.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are filled and your document has been uploaded.


Who all can post to the school Calendar?

Administrators can post to the school’s calendar, Teachers can post to their Section’s calendar, and Guardians and Students can post to their own Calendar.


How can our teachers have access to their previous semester’s classes as well as the current semester?

When viewing their classes there should be a drop-down box in the bottom left corner of their screen that allows them to control what term they are viewing. They need to click the drop-down and choose which term they need access to and the screen will reload to that term.

How do I reactivate a previously archived course?

  • Sign into your Admin ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Courses tab at the top of your screen.
  • Click Archived in the left hand side bar.
  • Click on the course you would like to reactivate.
  • Click Edit at the top right of the widow.
  • Select Active from the drop down under Course Status.
  • Click Save.

How do we keep all students enrolled in their courses from one grading term to the next without re entering in all of their information?

Under the Courses tab, Check all the courses you would like advance the student for. Click the Action button and select Advance Sections… from the pop up list. Select the term you would like to copy the students from using Advance Sections from: drop down, select the term you would like to copy the students to using the to: drop down, choose whether the students are moving to a different/advanced course or if they are continuing the same course and click the Advance Section Now button.

Why can’t I delete a Course?

It is best to only Archive a Course and not delete it. Deleting would also delete all of the records associated with it. To read more about archiving courses:

What is the difference between a Course and a Section?

Courses are the offered subject, for example Algebra I. While a Section is the specific group of students taking that subject at a particular time, for example the 8am Algebra I class that meets in ClassRoom 157.


School has multiple administrators, when one administrator creates a form the others cannot see it. How do we allow all administrators to see all forms created?

The original creator must open the form they wish to be shared, click the Settings tab, click the Notifications tab, use the drop-down box to Add Another Person to Notify, an entry will be created in the table, click the link next to their name to Grant Admin Privileges. The selected user will have the same abilities as the original.


How do I forward a message within ClassReach?

You  can click the Reply button on the messages, then clear out the “To:” field and enter in the user/s you need to forward to, click send. It will send all the messages within the thread to them.

Can you please give me instructions on how to delete messages?

You can Archive them by via your inbox by checking the box next to the message(s) you’d like to archive and using the Action drop down.


What is a Welcome Email?

A Welcome Email is an email that is sent to a new user to help them in creating an account for your school.

How can I see who all needs to be sent a Welcome Email?

When you navigate to the People tab, use the left column to scroll down. Select Awaiting Email, this will display all users in your system that have not been sent a Welcome Email.

As an admin, how do I edit a user’s information in their Info form?

Navigate to the People tab, use the left column to help you locate the user you would like to edit information for. Click on the user, this will display the information located on the User Info Form. Use the tabs at the top of the window to locate the information you would like to edit, click the edit icon in the tab you are open in. This will allow the fields within the tab to be edited. Click the save icon when you have the desired information within the fields.

I am an admin and want to know how I can view all the Teachers in my school?

When you navigate to the People tab, the left column will have a list of filters you can use. About half way down you can can choose different roles to filter by, choose Teacher and the window will display all the users in your system with the Teacher role.

We had a staff member be added as a guardian, however when when attempting to start an account for the child their last name did not appear as a family unit.

Adding someone as a guardian does not auto-generate a family. To create a family click on People tab near the top of the screen, click +Family in the left column, and a window with pop up to fill out and create the family as well as add a guardian.

How do I view all members of a family?

  • Sign in to your Admin account
  • Navigate to the People tab at the top of your screen.
  • Select the filter Families from the left column.
  • Locate the Family Name for the family you would like to view members for. (You can use the search bar at the top of the left column to help)
  • Click on the family. This will display all members assigned to this family and what roles they are assigned.

Note: If you are a teacher without an admin account you cannot view whole families. However, if you locate a student within one of your sections and click on them, you can view their guardians.

Who can add families?

Only admins can add families.

Who can archive and reactive students?

Admins are the only users with the permissions to control account statuses.

How do I reactivate a student after archiving them?

Navigate to the People tab, scroll down the left column and select Archived. This will display all previously archived users. Locate and select the student you would like to reactivate. This will display the student’s information. Click the edit icon next to the basic tab, under Account Status change it from Archived to Active.

I’m trying to locate an application that was submitted over the summer, it was in Declined, but then I archived it, it’s not in archived. I’m trying to reactivate that application if possible. The family has decided to go ahead and apply and it would be nice if they didn’t have to fill out a new application.

When you go to the People tab, use the filters on the left, you must select both Declined applicants and Archived users. This will pull up your family, just view their profile and scroll to the bottom, there will be a Reopen button. You will have to confirm and it will reopen their application.


I am having trouble printing progress reports, it just opens a blank window.

Too many reports trying to load will cause it to stall out, try breaking up the number of reports being requested into smaller sections.


Why am I am not seeing some of the options described in the documentation?

ClassReach provides a number of different levels of permissions. If there are options/button that you are unable to view, contact a main admin for your account to ensure you have the needed level of permissions.

Can I add an announcement to the Calendar?

Yes. In the options when creating/editing the announcement there is an option for Add a Calendar Event? Select Yes. Then a window will display to add location, start, and end times.

Who can create announcements?

Users with ‘super admin privileges’ are the only ones who can create and edit announcements.

Can I make an announcement for Teachers only?

Yes. In the announcements options, there is a Visible To: field. Mark this as only teachers.

I am an admin for my school, but cannot edit an announcement.

To edit and/or add announcements you must have ‘super admin privileges’. If you do not please contact another admin at your school.


As a Teacher, can I change how my gradebook works?

This would depend on the settings set by your admins. Please get with an admin of your school.

As a Teacher, can I change the attendendance markings we use?

No. Though the attendance markings can be changed, it must be by an admin, or someone with admin privileges. Please contact an admin for your school.

How can I view all the sections for both of my children?

When you sign in to your Guardian ClassReach account the left column will display all students assigned to you. Clicking on their name will expand a window and display all the classes the student is registered to for the academic term you are in.

I am a student, how do I view my courses?

Your section for the courses you are registered to will appear on the left column when you sign in to your ClassReach account. If your sections do not appear here please contact an admin for your school.